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This handcrafted cocktail ring is a masterpiece. This piece of art feels like it is tailor-made for your finger; it feels so smooth and so comfortable. There are 12 beautiful diamonds elegantly flowing into a radiating fan of 116 dazzling pink spinels. 

Spinel is sought after by gem collectors because it is regarded as an undervalued gem that is in many ways the equal of sapphire and ruby. Spinel actually has more dispersion or fire, and first time buyers are often amazed at how much sparkle they see in a well-cut spinel. Spinel is also one of the few singly refractive gemstones, a property it shares with diamond.

-18-karat yellow gold
-Diamonds, total weight 0.4 carats
-Pink Spinel, total weight 5 carats
-This piece has been certified with a Responsibility Mark in accordance with the Federal Law on Precious Metal Control of 1933
-Responsible Jewelry Council
-Reference 50-13711

La Coquille Rouge Ring

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