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These gorgeous Aquamarine Earrings are unique with its pop of Pink Tourmaline and diamonds, placed in between the dangling delicate blue stones, are likened to a cool plunge into a refreshing pool. It exudes elegance and playfulness, never a dull moment with these comfortable earrings on. Handcrafted with 18k white gold they are adorned with nearly 13 carats of Aquamarine and early 1 carat of rare pink tourmaline. 

-18-karat white Gold 
-Aquamarine, total weight 12.80 carats
-Pink Tourmaline, total weight 0.85 carats
-Diamonds, total weight 0.10 carats
-This piece has been certified with a Responsibility Mark in accordance with the Federal Law on Precious Metal Control of 1933
-Responsible Jewelry Council
-Reference 03-14094

Aquamarine Pink Tourmaline Diamond Earrings

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